Shipping ONLY in the USA

Labs available from this warehouse

Once your payment is validated, your order is prepared and shipped with a tracking number. You will then receive your order in a discreet package that has nothing to do with the actual content of your order. Worldwide-steroids name will not appear on your package or bank account.

Shipping price (shipped from USA) : 15 $ + Option  “Guarantee” (10% of the total of your order) : in case of breakage, loss or seizure of your package in customs, we  reship your order.

If your order includes products from differents warehouses, you will pay additional shipping fees. We recommend to limit the number of warehouses to limit shipping costs.


After our confirmation of your payment, the receipt time vary from 3 – 5 days


We send you your tracking number immediately after sending your package and you can track your package via the carrier’s website (we send you all the information by email with your tracking number).

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